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Charting a Greener Course: G8ToUS’s Innovative Sustainable Aviation Fuel Program

At G8ToUS, we recognize the pressing need to address the carbon footprint of aviation, which contributes approximately 2% to global CO2 emissions—a figure expected to rise in the coming years. Given the significant energy requirements of aviation, there are fewer options for decarbonization compared to other sectors. However, this does not mean efforts should not be made; on the contrary, the urgency for action is now.

Aviation, as the most carbon-intensive form of transportation, is increasingly under the microscope for its environmental impact. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) made a pivotal commitment in October 2022 to achieve net-zero emissions in global air transport by 2050. This commitment underscores the critical need for immediate action in the aviation sector.

Despite the challenges in reducing aviation emissions, there are viable pathways today that can set us on the course to achieving this ambitious goal. G8ToUS is proud to introduce our Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Program as a key initiative in this journey.

G8ToUS’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Program

SAF stands as a leading solution for reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint. Offering up to 80% lower lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions than traditional jet fuels, SAF is recognized as the most effective means presently available for decarbonizing air transport. Its importance is acknowledged globally, with the European Parliament mandating an incremental increase in SAF usage from 2025 and the U.S. introducing significant incentives to boost SAF production through the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge and the Inflation Reduction Act.

Our SAF Program is designed to empower businesses to actively reduce the carbon emissions associated with their air freight. Utilizing a book and claim chain of custody model, our program allows companies to purchase SAF certificates, representing the environmental benefits of SAF, without needing to change their existing supply chain operations. This model enables customers to claim reductions in their corporate carbon footprint by supporting the reduction of emissions within the aviation sector.

In collaboration with CHOOOSE, a leading SaaS provider for climate action, we offer our customers access to SAF certificates, further enhancing our suite of climate solutions. This initiative complements our existing services for ocean freight, where we partner with GoodShipping to provide marine biofuels through a similar book and claim system. Our low-carbon fuel services are integrated within the G8ToUS Platform’s Sustainability Dashboard, making it simple for our clients to track their sustainability efforts.

Leading By Example: Cotopaxi’s Commitment

Cotopaxi, a prominent outdoor apparel brand and a dedicated participant in’s Climate programs, has taken a significant step by being an early adopter of our SAF Program. Their commitment to reducing transportation emissions is key to their ambitious net-zero goals. By opting for SAF, Cotopaxi has significantly reduced its carbon footprint from air shipments, demonstrating the practical benefits and impact of embracing sustainable fuel alternatives.

SAF’s role in transitioning the aviation sector to a low-carbon future cannot be overstated, despite currently constituting less than 1% of global jet fuel usage. By making SAF more accessible through our book and claim model, we can hasten its adoption and broader utilization. The time for decisive action towards decarbonization and climate responsibility is now. offers an extensive range of climate solutions, including emissions analytics, low-carbon fuel certificates, carbon offsets, and specialized consultancy services. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving their climate objectives. Contact us at for more information on how we can support your journey towards a sustainable future.

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