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G8ToUs offers a comprehensive suite of logistics services tailored specifically for suppliers to Walmart. From ensuring timely and meticulous delivery of products to Walmart distribution centers across key markets, to navigating customs clearance and compliance with ease, our solutions are designed to streamline your supply chain. Our digital platform provides unmatched visibility, allowing for efficient shipment tracking 24/7, while our warehouse and distribution services optimize inventory management for direct distribution to Walmart. Additionally, G8ToUs addresses the challenges of reverse logistics with effective return management solutions and supports Walmart’s sustainability initiatives with eco-friendly logistics options. Backed by a dedicated support team, G8ToUs is committed to enhancing your Walmart supply chain operations, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and compliance every step of the way

Ship Directly to Walmart

G8ToUs is your strategic partner in managing logistics for your Walmart inventory, ensuring that your products are delivered accurately and meticulously to Walmart distribution centers across the US, UK, Canada, and the EU. Our comprehensive door-to-door transportation solutions are tailored to offer you not just competitive rates but also significantly reduced landed costs, optimizing your supply chain for Walmart’s rigorous requirements.


Digital Platform

The G8ToUs Digital Platform revolutionizes your supply chain management for Walmart by providing unparalleled visibility and control. It streamlines the complexities of shipment consolidation, booking, and selection, and employs data-driven analytics to lower costs and accelerate delivery timelines. With G8ToUs, you gain access to a level of supply chain efficiency tailored for success with Walmart.


Track Shipment 24/7

With G8ToUs’s 24/7 online tracking system, monitoring your shipments to Walmart becomes a hassle-free process, providing real-time visibility and control over your logistics operations. This constant access to shipment information ensures that businesses can stay informed and proactive, making G8ToUs an indispensable tool in your logistics arsenal for Walmart.


Warehouse and Distribution Services

G8ToUs extends beyond transportation to offer comprehensive warehouse and distribution solutions tailored for Walmart suppliers. Our strategic locations across key regions enable efficient storage, inventory management, and direct distribution to Walmart centers. Utilizing our advanced warehousing technology, you can ensure accurate stock levels and rapid fulfillment times, aligning perfectly with Walmart’s inventory demands.


Dedicated Support Team

At G8ToUs, we believe in providing unparalleled support to our clients. Our dedicated team of logistics experts is available around the clock to offer guidance, answer questions, and provide updates on your shipments to Walmart. With G8ToUs, you have a reliable partner committed to your success in the Walmart supply chain.



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