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Our capabilities extend beyond just technological prowess; we also offer unique IT solutions that enhance supply chain optimization, intelligent warehousing, efficient distribution, and advanced transportation management, thanks to our team of experts and cutting-edge infrastructure.

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Amazon FBA Services by G8ToUs

G8ToUs empowers Amazon FBA sellers with end-to-end logistics solutions, ensuring seamless, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers worldwide. Our tailored services include ocean and air freight options, customs clearance, and comprehensive 3PL warehousing, all supported by our advanced digital platform for real-time tracking and supply chain visibility. With G8ToUs, Amazon sellers enjoy streamlined operations, reduced costs, and the peace of mind that comes from partnering with a logistics leader committed to their success in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Walmart Logistics Solutions by G8ToUs

G8ToUs specializes in optimizing the supply chain for Walmart suppliers, offering a full range of logistics services designed to meet the retailer’s stringent requirements. From door-to-door transportation and customs compliance to strategic warehousing and efficient return management, our solutions are tailored to ensure timely and accurate delivery to Walmart distribution centers. Our commitment to eco-friendly logistics and our 24/7 support team further enhance our offering, making G8ToUs the go-to partner for suppliers looking to excel in the Walmart supply chain.

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Cost-effective Solutions

Transshipment Hubs

High Cargo Capacity

Reliable Schedules

Environmental Friendliness

Access to Remote Destinations

Amazon FBA

Flexibility in Packaging

Trade Routes Optimization


Long-term Contracts

High end Digital Platform

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Amazon FBA Simplified

G8ToUs offers an all-inclusive service perfectly suited for Amazon Sellers, Digital Retailers, and E-commerce Businesses, featuring door-to-door delivery that ensures a seamless experience for all our clients.

Global Door-to-Door Solutions

Leveraging over a decade of expertise in global logistics, including extensive experience in China and the USA, G8ToUs connects continents with our vast network of carriers and suppliers, delivering top-tier international service.

Personalized Logistics Support

With G8ToUs, you gain a dedicated logistics partner, offering personalized account management and support. Our unique blend of boutique service with the capabilities of a vast freight forwarder network is enhanced by our innovative digital platform.


Strategic Operations in China

G8ToUs boasts strategic warehousing capabilities in China’s prime logistics cities, Shenzhen and Ningbo. These pivotal locations allow us to streamline and effectively manage your supply chain, ensuring fast and reliable access to the global marketplace.

Digital Platform

G8ToUs has developed a state-of-the-art digital platform to empower your logistics needs. With just a few clicks, you can schedule, monitor, and track your shipments, receiving real-time updates all in one place. Our technology is designed to simplify logistics operations, granting you unparalleled freedom and control over your shipping processes.

Looking for a robust logistic? You’re welcome to send a message or give us a call.

Flexibility in logistics.

Door to Door/Door to 3PL

Container Shipping

Ocean Freight

Air Freight

All in one digital logistic platform

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Personalized Dashboard and Analytics
Access a customized dashboard that presents analytics tailored to your business, enabling smarter decisions and insights into your logistics performance.
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Your product list
Easily manage and view your entire product catalog within our platform, ensuring seamless logistics planning and inventory control.
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24/7 Shipment Trackings
Stay informed with round-the-clock tracking, offering real-time visibility of your shipments to ensure peace of mind and timely updates.
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All Shipments in one place
Consolidate all your shipment information in a single, convenient location on our platform for easy management and access.
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Request a quote in one click
Simplify your logistics with the ability to request a shipping quote instantly with just one click, streamlining your planning process.
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Control every step of your shipment
Enjoy unparalleled control over each phase of your shipment, from pickup to delivery, ensuring your logistics operations run smoothly.
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